We’re In

After an exciting finish yesterday the Seahawks are making a 2nd trip in as many years to the Super Bowl.  If you watched or listened to the game yesterday it was very nerve racking and at one point you would have thought we were doomed.  But nope Wilson and company shocked the Packers in OT to win the NFC Championship and make a 2nd trip to the Super Bowl to face off against the Patriots.


Time for a Change

I have had this blog forever but I think a change is needed.  In the last couple of years I have only posted here and there and I am trying to get back into blogging I guess.  So I hope that this will get more filled up as the days go on.  I’m not sure what I will be blogging or writing about but I just need to get active once again on here. I’m thinking about starting to post about videogames since I love to play them and get elo boosting services from ElitistGaming.

Hope it all comes out ok.